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Chim Kee is established in Hong Kong since 1962, currently we are specializing in rental & trading of construction machinery, and in various types of heavy land transportation.

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 2017.05.26  Announcements   Next Day Disclosure Return
 2017.05.26  Announcements   Change Of Company Name And Stock Short Name
 2017.05.26  Announcements   Completion Of Placing Of New Shares Under General Mandate And Connected Transaction
 2017.05.17  Announcements   Appointment Of Chief Executive Officer
 2017.05.10  Announcements   (1) Placing Of New Shares Under General Mandate; And (2) Connected Transaction In Relation To Appointment Of Placing Agent
 2017.05.04  Announcements   Monthly Return of Equity Issuer on Movements in Securities for the month ended 30 April 2017
 2017.04.27  Announcements   Poll Results Of Extraordinary General Meeting Held On 27 April 2017
 2017.04.21  Announcements   Restoration Of The Public Float Of the Company
 2017.04.07  Announcements   Change in Auditors
 2017.04.05  Announcements   Proxy Form For The Extraordinary General Meeting To Be Held On Thursday, 27 April 2017
 2017.04.05  Announcements   Notice Of Extraordinary General Meeting
 2017.04.05  Announcements   Proposed Change Of Company Name And Notice Of Extraordinary General Meeting
 2017.04.05  Announcements   Monthly Return of Equity Issuer on Movements in Securities for the month ended 31 March 2017
 2017.03.24  Announcements   Proposed Change Of Company Name
 2017.03.17  Announcements   (1) Resignation Of Executive And Independent Non-Executive Directors; (2) Appointment Of Independent Non-Executive Director; (3) Change In Composition Of Board Committees; (4) Resignation Of Chairman Of Board Of Directors; (5) Resignation Of Chief Executive Officer And Change Of Authorised Representative; And (6) Change Of Principal Place Of Business In Hong Kong
 2017.03.17  Announcements   List of Directors and their Role and Function
 2017.03.13  Announcements   Joint Announcement – (1) Close Of Mandatory Unconditional Cash Offer For Shares By Haitong International Securities Company Limited For And On Behalf Of Hao Tian Management (China) Limited To Acquire All Issued Shares In The Share Capital Of Clear Lift Holdings Limited (Other Than Those Shares Already Owned Or Agreed To Be Acquired By Hao Tian Management (China) Limited Ans/Or Parties Acting In Concert With It) (2) Results Of The Share Offer (3) Public Float