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Chim Kee Co. Ltd. is the authorized distributor for sales, rental and after-sales support of the full range of Buma CE Machines in Hong Kong and Macau market.

BUMA CE R.C.D (Reverse Circulation Drilling) System is highly efficient, safe and environmentally friendly solution for drilling large diameter and depth. This reduces the density of the internal water column and starts the circulation. The mixture of water, air and cuttings are then flushed out through the drill pipe into setting tanks.

BUMA CE provides 2 types of Drill String (Drill Pipe) according to internal pipe diameter, NW200 (183mm) and NW300 (302mm). NW200 drill pipe can be applied and used up to RCD model R1820 because of endurable torque limit.

Due to different market standard and regulation, please Contact Us for more details.

​Buma Website:

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