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Vacuum Excavator

Vac-Ex Model Mod-Ex 25 tow


break the ground -> high compressed air loosen the soil -> drawn the material (just easy & fast)

Hong Kong First Vacuum Excavator Mod-Ex 25 tcw Introduced

Chim Kee has introduced the first vacuum excavator, Mod-Ex 25 tcw from the England brand Vac-Ex, to Hong Kong. Recently, Chim Kee organized a demo section for industry insiders to visit and demonstrated the new machine.


The Mod-Ex 25 tcw vacuum excavator varies from traditional excavators, special excavation units such as an 125 mm diameter fully manual arm or an 150 mm diameter semi-manual arm, high pressure water pump and air compressor are provided, it is not necessary to connect other bulk machinery while utilizing. During excavation, either using high pressure water or compressed air can loosen the soil in the relevant area, the excavated material will then be drawn to the debris pot by the arm. It is very convenient for releasing the excavated materials and reduce dust particles to avoid pollution. At the same time, this method of excavation can avoid damage to the underground facilities, for example, cables and gas pipes.


The lightweight Mod-Ex 25 tcw is mounted to a 1 m wide 4x4 track base, which allows working in remote and narrow sites, roads or even slopes, without using excess power or ancillary equipment. Remote control is also provided for workers to operate, enhancing the efficiency of the work process.

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