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Chim Kee Machinery Co., Ltd. was appointed by Maeda Seisakusho’s Co., Ltd. to be its Sole Agent, promoting Maeda Seisakusho’s mini crawler crane in the area of Southern China, Hong Kong & Macau.

Maeda’s mini crawler crane has a total of four models including MC-104C, MC-235C, MC-285C and MC-305C, with lifting capacities ranging from 1.0 ton class to 2.9 ton class.

The compact body enables the crane to access confined spaces and travel in narrow passages, making it especially suitable for indoor works. Powered by an electric motor, the crane is environmentally-friendly with no emission of gas and pollutants. The crane is also traveled by Maeda’s original hydraulic system, allowing it to be transported easily and safely on slopes, and to make it spin-turn easily. Furthermore, the crane is equipped with a remote control, a built-in slow speed function and LCD, enhancing its performance, safety and reliability.

In Japan, the crane has a wide range of applications from small-scale landscape gardening to large-scale civil engineering and construction activities.

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