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MB Crusher

K B Machinery Co., Ltd. was appointed as the exclusive distributor in the Hong Kong SAR and the Macau SAR, promoting MB products and services throughout the territories.

In response to the global attention about environmental protection, the demands for construction waste recycle and disposal are increasing rapidly. MB offers a variety of equipment and solution to address the needs from industries including construction, demolition, recycling etc., which improve work efficiency and lower operating costs.

Currently, there are 5 series of MB products including Crusher Buckets, Screening Buckets, Shafts Screener, Drum Cutters and Sorting Grapples. Different capacities are available for each series to meet with specific needs.

Please visit the MB official links to know more about their products. You can also contact us for detailed information.


The Hong Kong Government set up a HK$1 billion Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF) to boost the capacities of enterprises and practitioners in the construction industry.

4 models of MB crusher BF90.3S4, BF120.4, BF135.8 & BF150.10 have entitled as CITF Pre-approved list products. Eligible applicant can apply to get a 70% subsidy on purchase price.  (Pre-Approved Code: PA20-029)

MB Crusher Buckets are designed to fit to compatible excavators which can directly crush construction material or waste such as rock and wood into small particles. Compared to traditional methods such as breakers, the resultant debris from this product would be finer and smaller in size which facilitates subsequent transportation and management.

Stripe and Spheres
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